What counts as a referral?

A referral is someone you have spoken to about Progressive Property & Progressive Success courses because you feel they would benefit from what we have to offer based on your experiences.

Where do I find referrals?

You can find referrals anywhere! Think about your family, friends, co-workers, clients, gym buddies, look at the people around you on a daily basis and try and strike up a conversation with them!

You can also use your social media to share your experiences with Progressive Property & Progressive Success as this is a great way to spark interest.

What are the basic rules?

- You must register your referral’s contact information through your customised enquiry form or your customised webinar link.

- We will then check their name, contact number and email address against our system to make sure that they are not already known to us.

- The referral must stay the duration of the event to gain commission (for a one day event, the referral must attend one day. For a three day event, the referral must attend all three days).

- You will generate £50 attendance commission per referral to attend a complimentary Discovery Day. You will also receive £5 attendance commission per referral to attend a webinar.

- You will also generate 10% commission on every referral purchase made across Progressive Property & Progressive Success for life.

- If your account is in arrears we cannot pay your ambassador commission however we can offer to use your commission to pay off your debt or hold until your account is back in order.

This programme is a bonus and we only want to work with friendly, motivated and understanding people who would like to grow with the programme. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not follow the rules.

How do I invoice for my Ambassador commission?

You will receive an email from Progressive Ambassadors letting you know that you have generated commission through your referral’s activity. This email will contain an invoice template and the details of the referral activity to include on it. You return the invoice which we will then process for payment.

Invoices returned by Friday will be paid the following Wednesday.

Can I use this as a cashflow strategy?

Absolutely! Many of our clients are making sure that they build in 10-20% of their time to network by attending networking meetings, networking online, recording videos and actively following up business cards and leads. This pays them generously.

The more time you spend on this the more money you will get.

How much commission can I earn from this? 

You generate £50 each time your referral attends a Discovery Day and £5 per referral that attends a webinar. You also generate 10% commission against any purchase (training courses) that your referral makes.

This is for life! If your referral doesn't attend an event or make a purchase right away, the might do in the future. If this happens, you will still receive an invoice request from the team.

What happens if my referral attends another course?  

You simply generate another £50 per Discovery Day attendance, plus you still get paid 10% against the new sale made.

Remember, you get 10% against your referral for life!

How do I know if my referral has turned up to a course or made a payment?

We have a registration desk at every event where we sign each person into the course.

We run weekly reports for referral activity – this includes Discovery Day attendances and purchases from the previous week. If your referral has attended or made any purchases during the previous week, you will receive an email from us which includes an invoice template for you to fill out along with the required details. 

If your referral hasn’t attended the event, our team will attempt to re-book them or offer them a different course if needed.

What courses can my referrals attend?

Your referrals have access to £9,500 worth of events and courses all free of charge just because they know you. Here is a list of our Discovery Days and webinar topics:

  • Beginners Property Secrets
  • Joint Venture Finance Raising Secrets
  • Serviced Accommodation Discovery
  • Multiple Streams of Property Income
  • No Money Down Discovery
  • Deal Packaging Discovery
  • Business Cashflow Discovery
  • Business Breakthrough Summit
  • Expert Speaker Discovery
  • Social Media Influencer Discovery
  • Ecommerce Cashflow Discovery
  • Podcast Media Discovery
  • Money and Mindset

As a Progressive Ambassador, you will regularly receive updates about new Discovery Day dates.

How can I take this opportunity to the next level?

Think about using social media techniques to promote that you are an Ambassador for Progressive Property & Progressive Success. Have you ever stood up at a networking meeting and pitched? Why not try this and share the opportunity of getting involved on a course that suits!

Who do I contact for any queries?

You can contact the Ambassador team at [email protected], or by telephone on 01733 796497.

Our dedicated team is more than happy to help!

Want to become a Progressive Ambassador?